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Flourish Company

Flourish Company History

Flourish Company History

In the spring of 1985 Bob B., Chris, Betty and David built our first canopy. As exhibitors their goal was to design an easily assembled tent that would keep them, their artwork and their customers protected from the elements and at the same time provide them with good illumination and adequate ventilation in hot weather. They named their creation The Protector and Flourish Co. was born.

Several thousand Protectors later we introduced the Archtop (1996) and TrimLine (1997) canopies, and finally retired the trusty Protector in favor of better design and better materials. In 2003, we retired the Archtop in favor of the fully developed TrimLine, the product of years of development and testing.

Along the way we discovered the world of flame-resistant fabrics and set up our Drapery and Indoor Booth Frame departments. In 2000 we introduced the unique Mesh Panel Display Wall. Since then we’ve adapted this popular display system to fit other canopy brands, with a special edition just for EZ Ups.

We’ve built our business on the solid rock of customer service. We take our relationship with our customers very seriously and endeavor always to be more than just producers and sellers.

Made in the USA

Flourish Company is proud of its commitment to resilient business practices, environmental awareness, and fair employee treatment.

We are a local business in Northwest Arkansas employing 10 to 15 people.

We work very closely with 3 other local businesses as our main contractors.

We buy the majority of our materials from suppliers who make products in the U.S.

We recycle and reuse materials whenever possible:

We use crushed news print rather than new packing paper.
We re-use boxes when appropriate - so if you get a reused box you'll know why.
All scrap steel, aluminum, and cardboard are recycled


Flourish Company
3640 Highway 23
St. Paul, AR 72760

Toll free: 800 296 0049

From mobile phone: 479 677 3300

Business hours: 8am to 5:30pm Central Time, Monday through Friday

Call us. We’re excited about our products and we’re dedicated to providing the very best customer service imaginable. Our job is to answer all your questions, to direct you to the appropriate items for your needs, to help you design your display and to ensure that you don’t order items you really don’t need.

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At Flourish, we pride ourselves on our customer service and every TrimLine product we sell is backed with our commitment to help you show your work in the most secure, professional environment available.