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Community Resources

One of the very special things about being an exhibiting artist is the community you become part of. Take part in your community through online forums and resources. Find places to ask or give advice, find services you seek, or products and reviews.

Suggestions? Additions? Articles you've read or written about the life of an exhibiting artist? Orginizations you've found helpful? Please contact us at

Forums, Periodicals, Groups News, discussion groups, classified ads Calendar of events and calls for entry Monthly business magazine for the crafts professional Show reviews and articles by exhibiting artists Resource for locating festivals and craft shows Calls for entry, tutorials, marketing

Jurying Platforms and Call for Entry Sites Online jurying service Online jurying service Online jurying service Online jurying service Event listing Entry Site Platform


Amy Amdur's Show Tips Advice from a show promoter on a range of topics
Powder Hill Photography Blog Firsthand experience and advice from an exhibiting artist

Advocacy Non-profit organization by and for exhibiting artists Craft Emergency Relief Fund

Commercial Services Jury image photography Listing and review of arts and crafts shows nationwide Single show and annual insurance policies

Luke's Show Essentials

“I’ve been doing shows for 25 years in every part of the country and in all kinds of conditions. Here’s a list of supplies I always bring with me, besides of course my inventory, charge card machine, plenty of change, extra pens, and my display. I hope with this basic kit you’ll be able to meet whatever challenges come your way.”


Duct Tape

Very Important - attaches anything to anything.

Bungee Cords

Hold a display to a table, or possibly hold up the table.

Spring Clamps

Good all around fastener.

Step Stool or Ladder

If you were tall, you would be in the NBA not doing craft shows.


A must have for pounding in stakes and fending off unwanted visitors.

Nylon Rope

For attaching tie down screws or dragging your car out of the mud.

409 or Similar Cleaner

Because even despite your best efforts stuff will get dirty.


I know it's not gong to rain, just bring it.


Tightens any bolt and converts Mesh Panels etc.

First-aid Kit

Bandages, Triple-Antibiotic, Pain Releif, etc

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