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Flourish Company offers a full range of products for the exhibiting artist. High quality materials and exacting standards of construction backed with world-class customer service!

TrimLine Canopy

Our flagship product, sets the standard for weather security and professional outdoor display space. The TrimLine is available in multiple configurations and is fully customizable with our range of optional equipment.

trimline canopy

MeshPanel and SoftWall Display Systems

Lightweight and compact, MeshPanels and SoftWalls are compatible with the TrimLine Canopy, Pop-Up style tents, Craft Hut and Light Dome. Made of super tough polyester mesh, these panels attach directly to the frame of the canopy or booth and provide two-sided display capability. Customizable configurations are available.


Indoor Booth Frames

Flourish Indoor booth frames are sturdy, steel-framed units designed to recieve MeshPanels or Drapery, and to support lighting systems. Multiple configurations and styles available.

trimline canopy

Products for Other Canopy Brands

Flourish offers Stabilizing bars, light bars, and vinyl sidewalls made to fit canopies produced by other companies.

trimline canopy
At Flourish, we pride ourselves on our customer service and every TrimLine product we sell is backed with our commitment to help you show your work in the most secure, professional environment available.